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We are driven by a restless and rebellious spirit that never stands still, furthering our desire to move brands forward with innovation and engaging storytelling. Sometimes our solutions come in the form of successful new players launch and other times we're simply breathing new and exciting life into an existing brand. Whatever the objective, we are guided by these principles: find the essence, make the work emotional, and always make it great.

Jefferson Coombs
Rai Favacho
Co-Founder | Executive Creative Director
Patricia Ebner
Co-Founder | Executive Creative Director
Marcus Colombano
Director of Brand and Communications Strategy


Hyatt Regency
Brand Redesign

San Francisco Film Festival
Brand Identity

B Honey Cachaça
Identity & Packaging

Callegari Olive Oil
Identity & Packaging

Branding, Advertising and Digital

Branding - Integrated Campagn


Muse Brands Creates Brand Identity for the 58th San Francisco International Film Festival
Saul Bass Inspires Rebrand for San Francisco International Film Festival
RGB Colors and Iris Design Recall the Work of Saul Bass



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